Audrey's PapaAudrey’s Papa, Mazhar is a social media strategist for a leading contact center solutions company, representing many of the world’s most recognized CPG brands in the United States and Canada. In his role, Mazhar is responsible for engagement and consumer affairs management for his client’s social media accounts. Over the past two years, Mazhar and his wife Erin have been designing and building the necessary infrastructure to develop Simply Audrey Cat, with the support of a few crazy cat ladies (and men!) In addition, Mazhar oversees the digital graphic content across all Simply Audrey Cat web and social platforms.

Prior to his social media and entrepreneurial aspirations, Mazhar was a passionate British actor. Born and raised in London, England, he starred mainly in British television shows and television commercials. His most notable role came in 2005 when he performed in Warner Bros. politically-charged epic movie Syriana, starring George Clooney and Matt Damon. Mazhar won much admiration for his performance as a disenfranchised oil refinery worker. The New York Times praised his “delicate, watchful sensitivity.”

Mazhar holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Marketing from Middlesex University Business School, London, England. He now lives in Florida with his wife and Audrey. When he is not sharing the love of Audrey cat with cat lovers everywhere, Mazhar enjoys watching movies, eating ice-cream, travel, and spending time with family. Follow Mazhar on Instagram: @gate1981