Audrey Hepburn the cat (aka Stinky Winky) was born in May 2008. Audrey was adopted by Erin when she was 6 months old from an animal shelter in Cincinnati, Ohio.  The only calico kitty in the shelter at the time, for Mama and Audrey it was un coup de foudre, love at first meow, a match made in cat heaven! After spending 5 years of her life in the Midwest, in 2013, Audrey made her maiden voyage to the sunshine state, Florida to be with Papa. Audrey said farewell to her cat roommates Ormsby and Virginia.

Who Is Stinky Winky?

Now, you’re probably wondering, why the name Stinky Winky? Does Audrey smell funky? Does she give off a strange odor? Is she a stink? Not at all! When Audrey is suspicious of her humans, she gives what we call the stink eye. For example, if you’re secretly putting medicine in her food bowl, she knows it! When she expresses her love, on the other hand, she will occasionally give you a wink and so the nickname Stinky Winky was born!

Sharing Is Caring

At Simply Audrey Cat, we believe in the power of sharing pawsitivity. Miss Audrey brings so much joy into our lives; we wanted to share this joy with cat lovers everywhere. Please do the same! Give the gift of a smile by passing on the cuteness of all things Simply Audrey Cat to someone in need of a pawsitivity boost!

Because Life’s Complicated Enough

Life can become very challenging at the best of times. For this reason, we believe in keeping things simple. Although we cannot promise to takeaway all your troubles, we can promise you a steady stream of laughs and a brief respite from the mediocrity of life. If racing thoughts cloud your mind or if you’re feeling anxious, always remember to keep things simple because life’s complicated enough.Hug