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“You are so cute Simply Audrey Cat!”
Hah Adorable! But you know that don’t you Audrey… :)) ++++++

Hilarious!! I wish I could make cat comics like that!

OMG, I love you Simply Audrey Cat! You always make me smile 🙂

“Ms. DUTCHESS is the bomb, I look to seeing her picture and reading about her daily…..she makes my day as I am sure she does others as well. I LOVE THIS CAT.”

M. Teresa
“Congratulations. I’m a big fan of you Miss Audrey. Lots of love and kisses for you.”

“I love this Calendar! I actually bought it for a friend, but I’m keeping it, cuz I love Miss Audrey, she’s a Ham..LOL.😆.”


“Stunning photography. Very photogenic subject. (Audrey the Cat).”

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